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Tips For When the Shock Kicks

precision concepts rear shock kicks suspension low speed adjuster clicker

Click Here for a Printable PDF version. Tips for When the Shock Kicks A common complaint regarding the shock has to do with kicking, especially under braking. Whether you ride motocross or off-road, having a controlled rear end when entering corners will do wonders for your comfort and confidence. So, if you feel the shock…

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Sag Measurement — Trial By Numbers

sag measurement precision concepts racing

Click Here to view Printable PDF version. Sag Measurement — Trial By Numbers  You can read, go online, listen to the experts and you’ll find all sorts of opinions as to what sag measurement is best from bike to bike. But somebody else’s opinion of what worked well for them, or even for a sample pool…

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Torque Matters

precision concepts forks handling torque triple clamps

Click Here to view Printable PDF version. Torque Matters There is one matter that can affect the action of your forks before you even take your bike off the stand. Get it wrong and your front end can feel harsher, or the forks can slide up in the clamps. At its most extreme, it can…

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Fork Harshness Tips

precision concepts fork harshness cover photo

For a printable PDF version, CLICK HERE. One of the most common questions we get has to do with fork harshness. More specifically, it’s how to make adjustments to improve harshness while out riding. Of importance is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for making adjustments. For example, harshness under braking requires a different approach…

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