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Spring Conversion Kit

Change your forks from air pressure to coil spring with our Spring Conversion Kit.

No more checking fork psi before each ride. No more losing all air pressure with a blown seal.

The Conversion Process

For riders wishing to change their WP AER or Showa TAC/SFF air forks to traditional coil spring, Precision Concepts offers our Spring Conversion Kit Service.

The kit we use is simple, very well made and includes the internals for the air-chamber side fork. Once we learn your preferred terrain, riding style and weight, we'll recommend a spring rate. From there, there are a few options for installing the spring kit itself.

— Option 1: Spring Kit installation with our Revalve Service.

Get the performance of your forks completely customized for your body type, riding style, skill and favored terrain. We'll not only install the spring kit, we'll perform our custom revalve service on your forks to get the action you're after. To learn more about our revalve process, Click Here.

— Option 2: Spring Kit installation with our standard Fork Service.

Refresh your forks and keep their performance consistent. While we install the spring kit, we'll also completely disassemble both forks to inspect them and replace any parts that may need it. Learn more about our suspension service by Clicking Here.

— Option 3: Spring Kit installation on its own.

If you're happy with the performance of your forks, and likewise don't feel they need to be serviced, we can simply install the kit on its own. The air chamber fork will be the only fork needed/worked on.

Refer to the pricing chart to see installation costs. For additional information on the benefits of converting from air to spring forks, continue scrolling, or click the button below.


Spring Conversion Kit installs starting at:


for installation of Spring Conversion Kit in conjunction with our Fork Revalve service.

Click Here to learn more about our Revalve Service.


for installation of Spring Conversion Kit in conjunction with our standard Fork Service (both forks to be worked on).

Click Here to learn more about our Suspension Service.


for installation of Spring Conversion Kit on its own (only the one fork will be worked on).

*Labor and spring kit (internal parts except fork spring) included in pricing. Fork spring, fluids and any wear items replaced are additional cost.

For additional information, and to schedule your suspension, contact us today!

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Why Convert from Air?

Reasons for Spring Conversion Kit

There are numerous reasons to consider converting your air fork to a traditional spring. Three main reasons are listed below:

The Air Fork Builds Pressure While Riding

Even when everything is working perfectly, the air fork will build pressure due to ambient temperature, altitude, and heat. This phenomena can't be controlled. Using nitrogen in the fork instead of air may cut down the build up of pressure by a percentage. However, in our testing, even nitrogen does gain some pressure.

As a result, the action of the air fork actually changes. We've seen air pressure changes during testing as high as six pounds, which is equivalent to three steps stiffer on a standard spring rate. Of course, continually bleeding the outer chamber is an option. But to adjust the inner chamber pressure requires a pump. Additionally, it demands continuous bleeding between motos at a track, or carrying a pump while on a longer trail ride in order to maintain consistent performance.

There is a Risk of Failure

A fact became very apparent on the highest stage of motocross in 2016, when Ken Roczen's forks dropped lower and lower throughout the first moto at Glen Helen. That fact was that the air fork carries with it the risk of failure and resulting loss of pressure.

If something were to fail, such as a fork seal, the air fork can lose pressure to the point that the fork loses travel. At the motocross track, this can make for an early end to your day. Moreover, a failure on a trail ride could leave you stranded miles from camp.

Stiction is Noticeably Increased

A result of sealing the fork chamber(s) to maintain the air pressure required is a noticeable increase in stiction. If you want to feel the difference in stiction between a spring fork and an air fork, just go to your local dealership. Push down on the front end of a RMZ or KX that comes with a TAC fork. Then, push on a newer Honda, or a Yamaha, that has spring forks and feel the comparison. There will be a huge difference in stiction. Now, the air forks do work better when you're riding than they feel on the showroom. Nevertheless, that stiction is still there and has an impact on the performance of the forks.

Is There a Benefit to Air?

Any of the traits listed above might be worth the trade-off if the performance of the air fork was worth it. However, through testing we've found the biggest benefit to the air fork is the weight savings. And while the weight difference is a benefit, it doesn't outweigh the performance difference. In all of our testing, we've always been able to get better overall performance out of the spring fork.

Precision Concepts air fork to spring conversion kit
Precision Concepts air fork to spring conversion kit