Shipping Info

We at Precision Concepts offer a few recommendations to ensure that your suspension is shipped properly and efficiently:


  • When shipping your suspension, if you use quick air-bleeder valves on your forks, like the ones pictured below, please remove them and screw in the OEM bleeder screws. This prevents oil from leaking out of your forks and ruining your shipping container/box when your suspension is being shipped. If we receive your forks with aftermarket quick air-bleeder valves, we will ship them back with OEM screws installed to prevent oil from leaking, which would change the oil level, feel, and performance of your forks. Your aftermarket bleeder valves will be packed inside the package with your suspension.


  • We recommend that you insure your package for $2,500.00.


  • We also recommend the use of a gun case as the safest and most convenient way to ship suspension, though it is absolutely not a requirement.

Shipping Address

18510 Pasadena Street, Suite A, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the best shipping methods, or to schedule your work, please contact us today!