Complete Bike Build

Customize your entire bike build to meet your unique demands and style.

Our knowledge Meets Your Desires

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Precision Concepts has years of experience building race bikes to compete at the highest level. For instance, every Factory Honda off-road race bike between the years of 2000 and 2008 was built in our shop. Furthermore, these championship-proven bikes were ridden by the likes of Johnny Campbell, Steve Hengeveld, and Kendall Norman.

Since then, our in-house race team bikes from 2009 to present have all been built right here at Precision Concepts. These include Ricky Brabec’s 2014 National Hare & Hound, BITD, and SOCRE championship-winning race bikes. Additionally it includes Robby Bell’s 2013, 2015 and 2016 WORCS championship-winning machines.

Suppose you don't have goals of competing for championships at the pinnacle of our sport. Nevertheless, that same level of motorcycle preparation is available to you for any style of riding that you choose.

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Tailored To Meet Your Needs

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Do you want your bike build to be the perfect trail machine for your weekend excursions? Alternatively, do you desire a bullet-proof desert bomber for competition or play? Or perhaps a high-performance, championship-worthy race bike will best suite your needs. Whatever you desire, we’ll work with you to build exactly your ideal machine.

We have a deep base of knowledge from years of testing different products with riders of all skill levels. As a results of this experience, we’ll help you choose the best products and modifications for your bike. Ultimately, we'll help you get the feel, the performance, and the style you've always wanted.

The Bike Build Process

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Tear Down and Modifications

After dropping off your bike, we’ll go to work disassembling it down to the frame and then rebuilding it to meet your needs. The motor is completely disassembled and put through our performance- and durability-improving processes. To expand, this includes our head porting service. In addition, the internal metal parts are tumbled and micro-polished. Moreover, the entire motor (including the internal parts and the cases) is treated by CryoHeat to reduce heat and friction. This also strengthens the material and improves performance.

Next, the suspension is modified to your specifications using our suspension revalve service. We polish the internal parts and edges for less stiction and improved oil flow. Then, the valving is modified to customize the handling of your bike.

Accessories for Performance and Style

In addition to our in-house modifications, we will work with you to decide which aftermarket products you want to add. Moreover, we'll recommend certain product for improved function and longevity. In fact, Precision Concepts is a dealer for every major distributor. We have access to most any aftermarket part or product, at competitive pricing. So we simply order and install the parts for your bike.

Detail Oriented Rebuild

As your bike is being rebuilt, it receives our multitude of finishing touches, each one purposeful for improved durability and strength.

These fit-and-finish details include safety wiring the steering head nut—and other important nuts and bolts—as a redundancy to keep them from backing out. Additionally, we safety wire the grips and wheel spokes to keep them more intact in the event of crash or impact damage. Furthermore, we silicone certain parts and bolts to keep them at their proper torque setting and prevent oxidation. In addition, we use a pneumatic brake-bleeder to get every bit of air out of the brake lines. We also tighten the majority of nuts and bolts to their proper torque specs. This guarantees proper fastening as a result. Equally important, it also avoids over-tightening that can lead to broken bolts or parts. There are many other techniques we have learned over the years that add a detailed finish to your bike.
Robby Bell's Precision Concepts race team 2017 KX450F
Robby Bell's 2017 KX450F

The Finished Product

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When you roll your custom-built race bike out of our shop, you can be confident that you are not just getting a motorcycle with championship-winning performance. You’re getting a bike that has been built with products and techniques that have repeatedly proven to be durable in the most challenging of conditions.


Contact us today to start your bike build process.