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Our vision is to make your next riding experience the best you've ever had.

Services Targeted At Improving Your Riding Experience

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Feel Absolute Confidence in the Handling of Your Bike

We want you to feel totally confident and comfortable with the handling of your bike. It's what we've specialized in for over twenty years. Whatever your preferred style of riding, our suspension department will work with you to get the handling you want from your motorcycle so you can better enjoy your passion for riding or racing.

High Performance in the Most Brutal Conditions

Our motor department has experience building engines for the toughest demands of performance and durability. We've built motors to last over a thousand miles for the fastest racers in Baja and need to run at peak performance through a 24-hour event for the quickest on the Grand Prix circuit. We'll use that same knowledge and experience to get the best power and reliability out of your motor.

Build Your Dream Bike

Combine the best techniques and know-how from our suspension and motor departments to rebuild your bike from the ground up. We'll help you create your ideal motorcycle, from performance to bling accessories, for whatever discipline you enjoy. Let us create your dream bike today.

A Vision Since 1994

At Precision Concepts, we have a vision. That vision is that after we've worked on your bike, you tell us that your next riding experience is the best you've ever had. That kind of impact is the reason why we do what we do. 

How we accomplish that can take many different forms. Our dedicated suspension department has the absolute goal of giving your bike the best handling performance for your unique needs. Likewise, our motor and chassis department is focussed on working with you to get the performance and reliability demanded by your specific riding style.

In whichever way we can best enhance your equipment, we have an overriding philosophy. That philosophy is to promote and use only the products and services we feel will make a positive impact. It goes against our philosophy to sell you something simply to earn more from the transaction. Though at times this philosophy can hinder corporate growth, it has kept us grounded in our vision and our values.

One of our core values is that whenever you're riding your motorcycle, we're right there on the bike with you. We want to be a valued partner in your riding experience. Whether you ride for the memories, the achievement, for performance, or simple joy, we want to be your trusted advisor to get the ride you want through the most affordable avenue possible.

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Latest Tech Tip

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Tips For When the Shock Kicks

By Precision Concepts | August 22, 2018 |

Click Here for a Printable PDF version. Tips for When the Shock Kicks A common complaint regarding the shock has to do with kicking, especially under braking. Whether you ride motocross or off-road, having a controlled rear end when entering corners will do wonders for your comfort and confidence. So, if you feel the shock…

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Justin S.

Suspension and Motor Client

"Took my bike to precision and they are amazing. They revalved my suspension and tuned my motor. Bike rides insane now! They really spent the extra time to make sure I got what I wanted. It's no wonder they win every baja race."

Paul C.

Suspension Client

"The only people who are allowed to work on my suspension!"

Tommy D.

Suspension Client

"If you plan on racing moto these guys are amazing, best suspension ever!"

Carlos A.

Suspension Client

"If you need some suspension done, hit them up. By far the best I've ridden."

Courtney R.

Suspension and Motor Client

"If you plan on racing Baja, these guy's know how to set you up."

Richard V.

Suspension Client

"The suspension rebuild and tune made huge difference on my bike. In my D37 races I don't even look at the small obstacles and I can hit the big ones with confidence that my suspension can handle it. My son took his bike there because he was so impressed with their work."

James H.

Suspension Client

"I've raced on their suspension since 04. Baja and local So Cal. Great family business,and I send all my friends here!"

Miles H.

Motor Client

"Customer service 5/5! Mechanical service 5/5 and shop cleanliness 5/5! The work performed was a valve adjustment and cct replacement a fair price and now my CBR purrs like a kitten! This is primarily a motocross store but the street bike focused mechanic heard my needs and did his job well!"

Troy H.

Suspension Client

"This place is awesome! They fixed my leaking fork seal and I got a new Dunlop tire for $125, a deal you'll never find at another shop in Southern CA. Highly recommend if you're in the area and in need of parts or repair."

Ethan S.

Accessories Client

"Their customer service is great, very friendly and helpful. First, I called chaparral and they told me $290 for a 2.9 gal for my ktm 400 exc. Thankfully, I called Precision Concepts, who got me a 4.1 gallon tank for $250. They are reasonably priced and good people."

Mark B.

Suspension Client

"You guys are the best! I just bought a used 500EXC that you guys re-sprung and valved for the desert and my weight coincidentally. Thank God the guy was the same weight and wanted it set up for the desert. I've been out there at Plaster City, Superstition area and it is amazing. Just amazing. You have done two other bikes for me and you seem to be getting better and better. I really appreciate it. Especially when I'm going way too fast and hit something way too hard and ride out of it in one piece. Thanks again."

Racing Heritage


Channeling Our Passion Through Achievement at the Highest Levels

Our racing heritage began in the late 1990's, supporting American Honda through nearly a decade of dominance in Baja. For the next fifteen years, our in-house, Kawasaki-supported racing effort was a powerful force in the off road world, earning 12 professional championships. The list of riders we've supported over the years is extensive, including Johnny Campbell, Taylor Robert, Zach Bell, Robby Bell, Steve Hengeveld, Gary Sutherlin, Ricky Brabec, Justin Seeds, and so many others. We continue that strive for accomplishment at all levels of racing by supporting numerous teams and riders across the off-road discipline, including Purvines Yamaha, Kaitlyn Jacobs, Colton Aeck, Cole Zeller and more. We also attend select events, including AMA NGPC, WORCS, NHHA, and Glen Helen Endurance Series events, among others in order to offer trackside support, not only for our riders, but all in attendance.

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