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Suspension Revalve

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Having suspension that is customized for your unique needs increases the predictability and comfort of your bike. It can subsequently help you ride safer, faster, and longer. We can personalize your bike's handling for your particular riding style and demands. As a result, you'll feel more confident and comfortable when you ride. Ready to improve your bike's handling? Then click the button to learn more and schedule your revalve today.

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Suspension Service

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Having your forks and shock serviced will bring back the original character and damping of your suspension. Subsequently, this will keep the handling of your bike consistent and help you feel more confident when you’re riding. Click the button and learn how to keep your bike handling at it's best.

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Ride-Height Modification

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At Precision Concepts, we can modify the internals to limit the amount of travel the forks and shock have. As a result, your suspension loses minimal performance, while shortening the distance from ground to seat. So if you’re slightly “vertically challenged”, lowering your bike may be a good option to improve your stability and confidence while riding. Click the button to learn more, and schedule your ride-height modification.