precision concepts rider justin morgan at 2017 plymouth nhha

2017 Plymouth NHHA Race Report (Riverside, CA) –

Justin Morgan came away from the sixth round of the AMA National Hare and Hound championship with a solid fifth. He was fresh off a Baja 500 victory the week prior and looked to carry the momentum into the 2017 Plymouth NHHA. However, patience would prove to be needed in the challenging conditions.

The terrain for the Utah National is notoriously difficult to read. For example, tall grass and silty dust hide many of the rocks. Quite a few riders were caught out by the course conditions, including some of the title contenders. After a mid-pack start, Morgan quickly made his way into sixth place by the first pit, twenty miles into the race. The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Precision Concepts rider worked up to fifth shortly thereafter and was looking to capitalize on any mistakes from the four ahead of him.

In the end, Justin held a comfortable fifth, coming away from the event with decent points toward the championship. The series will now take a lengthy break before picking back up in mid-August.

Justin Morgan — 5th place

Precision Concepts rider Justin Morgan at Plymouth NHHA

“I got a really good jump off the start,” Morgan commented after the race. “But I’m not sure I had my bike jetted quite right and I got pulled through the first corner. I ended up [back] in some pretty bad dust, but luckily not too far back. Racing through that thick grass was pretty scary. I saw a couple people crash early on and so I played it a little safe. I felt like I was just following people but ended up sixth at the first pit. There was a big road right after the pit and I was able to get into fifth place past a [rider on a] YZ250.”

“Basically I kind of rode by myself [after that],” continued Justin. “I could see some dust, but [the top four] were pretty far gone already. Ending up fifth, I feel like I rode a pretty smart race. I was still a little beat from [the] Baja [500]. So, now I’m looking forward to the break to get some good training in and build for the next round.”







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