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2017 WORCS #8 | Cedar City

Riverside, CA –

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Precision Concepts’ Justin Seeds overcame adversity early in the race to finish fourth. After running inside the top five early, Justin had a run-in with a tree that sent him to the ground. Not long after, a rock found its way into his chain guide, creating an odd rattling noise. Justin decided to pull to the side of the course for a moment to make sure the noise wasn’t coming from the motor. He rejoined the race just inside the top ten and rallied to move into fourth by the finish.

Justin’s teammate, Robby Bell had a great start to the race, slotting into second. Robby was still dealing with a back injury suffered at the 29 Palms BIG 6 a few weeks earlier, which would play a part in his finish. He held second for the first forty minutes of the race, but the injury started to take its toll and he dropped to fourth. Robby pushed as hard as he could to hold onto a top five finish, but would lose two more spots by the end, coming home in sixth place.


Justin Seeds

precision concepts rider Justin Seeds at WORCS Cedar City 2017

Justin Seeds had a few early race issues set him back. He rallied late in the race to finish fourth. Photos courtesy of Harlen Foley


“My start was pretty good, which was surprising for me,” said Seeds, “because I’ve never had the best luck off of a concrete start. I was trying to find my groove and just had some issues. I fought a couple of trees and the trees ended up winning. Then I got a rock stuck in my chain slider and I pulled off to see what was going on. Once I got through all of that I was able to pick it up. I tried to focus on catching Gary [Sutherlin, who was running third]. Unfortunately the top three was a little out of my reach. We’ll move on to Glen Helen in a few weeks and I’ll work to keep pressuring Gary for the championship. I’m going to keep pushing forward.”


Robby Bell


precision concepts rider Robby Bell at WORCS Cedar City 2017

Robby Bell fought through a back injury to finish just outside of the top five in sixth place.


“It’s frustrating to know I’m not at my best,” Bell commented post-race. “I held on as long as I could, but my back just started to tighten and lock up. I’m going to keep giving it my all. The championship is looking a little grim, I’m a ways back now. But there are still three races left and anything can happen. I just want to get back to my best before the season is done. I felt like I’d found something before 29 Palms so I need to get back to one hundred percent and find that again.”



Justin Seeds – 4th place
Robby Bell – 6th place




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Justin Seeds

Robby Bell


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