2018 Cedar City WORCS

2018 cedar city worcs precision concepts clay hengeveld

2018 Cedar City WORCS Report —


2018 cedar city worcs precision concepts blayne thompson


The Chaparral Motorsports, Precision Concepts, Kawasaki team headed out to Cedar City, UT for the sixth round of the WORCS series. The 2018 Cedar City WORCS course offered a very wide mix of terrain. From the man-made motocross and endurocross sections, the course then offered high-speed straightaways and corners. And additional piece of single track rounded out the lap and added a bit of technicality to the race.

In the pro class, Justin Seeds and Blayne Thompson had consistent rides, finishing just outside of the top five. Clay, on the other hand, had his work cut out in the Pro2 class. After hitting the starting gate, Hengeveld had to come from dead last, taking on plenty of mud along the way. Team manager Robby Bell entered a sport class the day after the pro’s and was able to take the overall.


Justin Seeds — 6th place Pro


2018 cedar city worcs precision concepts justin seeds


Initially, Justin was slow to get off the gate in the pro race. But after starting around thirteenth, Seeds methodically worked his way through the pack. The conditions were dusty in many spots due to high winds on the weekend, but the number 213 Kawasaki pilot was able to make some top notch passes on his way toward the top five. Unfortunately for Justin, the dust proved too big an obstacle to overcome in the closing stages. Having caught up to fifth place Eric Yorba, Seeds couldn’t get close enough to make the all important push for the position. In a desperate attempt to close the gap, Justin would fall on the last lap, cementing his finishing position. He earned a hard-fought sixth place on the day.



Blayne Thompson — 7th place Pro


2018 cedar city worcs precision concepts blayne thompson


Blayne had a consistent, if not lonely, ride in the ninety-minute pro race. After starting just outside of the top-five, Blayne was shuffled back slightly to ninth. After regathering himself, Thompson charged back up to the group ahead and pushed to enter the battle. The biggest thrill for the Kawasaki-mounted Thompson came in his battle for seventh with Derek Kelley. Through the endurcross section, Kelley made a slight bobble and was subsequently bucked over the bars. He was lucky not to injure himself, and also lucky not to get hit by Blayne, who was right behind. During that battle, the gap had opened up ahead of Blayne, who continued a somewhat lonely ride in seventh as the distance proved too far to close. Blayne came home in seventh.



Clay Hengeveld — 4th place Pro2


2018 cedar city worcs precision concepts clay hengeveld


The pro2 event got off to a rough start for Clay, who found himself stuck in the gate. After getting going quite a ways behind the final rider in class, Hengeveld got to work closing the gap. Halfway through the first lap, the number one-fifty-one Precision Concepts rider had already made his way up to sixth place. The gaps had already opened up, but over the subsequent laps Hengeveld was able to make a couple more passes. By the time Clay moved into fourth place, the distance to the podium was too great. Henge finished it out in a well-earned fourth.



Robby Bell — Sport Race GoPro



2018 Cedar City WORCS Results


1. Taylor Robert
2. Zach Bell
3. Giacomo Redondi
4. Gary Sutherlin
5. Eric Yorba
6. Justin Seeds
7. Blayne Thompson
8. Justin Wallis
9. Steven Gibson
10. Cole Shondeck

Pro 2

1. Austin Serpa
2. Tallon Lafontaine
3. Mitch Anderson
4. Clay Hengeveld
5. Kyle Mercier


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