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2017 BIG 6 Gorman

2017 gorman big 6 precision concepts justin seeds

2017 Gorman BIG 6 Report —

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Precision Concepts Racing’s Justin Seeds earned a fourth place finish at the 2017 Gorman BIG 6 grand prix. Seeds overcame dusty conditions and a couple crashes to slot himself inside the top five. Robby Bell raced the vet class once again as he continues to build his health. Bell had a great back-and-forth battle with Kendall Norman and Ryan Reina en route to the vet class victory.


2017 gorman big 6 precision concepts justin seeds

Justin Seeds — 4th place

Seeds didn’t get off to the greatest of starts in the pro race, slotting into sixth. The dusty conditions created gaps in the field early on as Seeds pushed toward the top five. By the midpoint in the race Justin had worked up to fourth place, but a couple crashes saw him lose the tow of the podium positions. The fourth place finish kept Seeds in third in the championship standings with one round remaining in the series.


2017 gorman big 6 precision concepts justin seeds


Robby Bell — 1st place Vet Expert

Bell was able to take the win after an action packed Vet race. Robby grabbed the hole shot, but stalled his motor on the second lap. As a result, Ryan Reina and Kendall Norman overtook him. Reina would later blow over a berm, allowing Norman and Bell to get by. From there Bell stalked his former teammate from a decade ago on American Honda’s off road team. With a couple laps to go, Robby made the pass for the lead and was able to pull a slight gap to the finish. The race marked another step in the right direction as Bell continues to build his health and fitness.


2017 gorman big 6 precision concepts robby bell


WCGP Pro Results

  1. Zach Bell
  2. Trevor Stewart
  3. Eric Yorba
  4. Justin Seeds
  5. Ryan Reina

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WCGP Championship Standings

  1. Zach Bell, 184
  2. Trevor Stewart, 155
  3. Justin Seeds, 121
  4. Eric Yorba, 116
  5. Michael Del Fante, 103
  6. Blayne Thompson , 91
  7. Mark Samuels, 86
  8. Travis Damon, 82
  9. Robby Bell, 58
  10. Jeff Loop, 43

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