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2017 WORCS Adelanto

2017 adelanto worcs precisión concepts robby bell

2017 Adelanto WORCS Report —

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Precision Concepts’ Justin Seeds locked up second place in the championship at the 2017 Adelanto WORCS finale. A sixth place finish on the day was good enough to secure Seeds’ best ever championship result. The WORCS finale also marked a close in the career of Robby Bell. Although it’s not a full retirement, Bell has made the decision that 2017 was his last year chasing a full championship campaign.


2017 Adelanto WORCS precision concepts Justin Seeds


Justin Seeds — 6th place

The dead engine start plagued Seeds’ chances of battling up front early in the race. He was unfortunate to suffer a multi-kick start and finished the first lap just inside the top ten. Seeds was showing pace early in the race, but a few minor falls would continually halt any momentum he would build. After smoothing out the mistakes, Seeds settled into sixth place a few laps from the finish, which was all he needed to wrap up a career best second place in the championship standings.



Robby Bell — 10th place

After a great start, Bell’s final full season in the pro class wouldn’t end quite the way he wanted. Robby started around forth and held a strong pace for the first few laps, before a small fall pushed him back to around eighth. From there, Robby would battle around the edge of the top five before lingering injuries from earlier in the season began to take their toll. With a few laps remaining, Bell made the difficult decision to pull out of the race. Though he was disappointed to pull out early, Bell later said that he was very pleased to be able to honor the number one plate on his bike and mix it up one more time in the pro class in 2017.


2017 Adelanto WORCS precision concepts robby bell


Justin Seeds GoPro


Robby Bell GoPro


Pro Results

  1. Taylor Robert
  2. Eric Yorba
  3. Blayne Thompson
  4. Trevor Stewart
  5. Gary Sutherlin
  6. Justin Seeds
  7. Michael Del Fante
  8. Travis Damon
  9. Benny Breck
  10. Robby Bell

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Pro Standings

  1. Gary Sutherlin, 196
  2. Justin Seeds, 175
  3. Travis Damon, 157
  4. Taylor Robert, 150
  5. Eric Yorba, 150
  6. Robby Bell, 149
  7. Michael Del Fante, 137
  8. Trevor Stewart, 129
  9. Blayne Thompson, 100
  10. Justin Wallis, 97

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  1. Nathaniel Mather 30+ intermediate HWT on November 4, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    Man Robby it’s going to suck not seeing you go pro videos pop up on my phone anymore. I love watching them I use them to help me with my riding, your an awesome rider and a great guy to talk to. I just got back from Gorman’s gp where I finally got you to sign my helmet. Hopefully I’ll be able to see you next year when your running the team. Congrats to you and the wife on your baby girl.

    • Vic Klotz on November 7, 2017 at 7:33 pm

      Robbie, you’ve had a fantastic career doing something you enjoy doing. I hope the future continues to provide welcome challenges as well as inspire those around you.

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